A Honda Fit is not a large car. Just 1300cc, and less than 4 meters long. But with a storm breaking and the wind blowing the car off the road, the tent was not an option. At 10pm, We backed the car into the covered entrance of the information center building so that we could access at least the boot in the dry, and found that the seats folded down flat and would *just* take a 174cm body lying fully stretched. Actually, it was very cozy, with the rain slamming down on the roof and the wind rocking the vehicle.

In the wet morning, I retrieved the dog’s plastic cage which had been blown across the carpark and down the hill, and started off up Daisen, soon to meet a 20-something rosy-cheeked girl bouncing down the mountain, looking like she did this every morning before breakfast. She must have started at dawn before the storm had eased.

Tougher than me.

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