3 comments on “Okushirane + Nantai + Sukai

  1. Congrats on conquering 3 huge peaks in a day. I’m planning to climb Mt. Sukai at the end of this month, and am faced with a huge 20km hike on that forest road. I’m thinking of bringing my mountain bike to use on the road and I have a question I hope you can answer. What is the elevation change from the start of the road to the trailhead? How long do you think it would take on a mountain bike?

  2. Wes,

    Your timing is perfect. This week I had been scouring your site in detail for the first time, trying to decide where would have least snow this weekend. I had thought about Hiuchi until I read your “hair-raising” account!

    I’ve added a link to your site – hope that’s OK with you. Your site is great, packed with detail. And it’s actually very useful to others! I wonder how you manage to record all the forks and signposts etc. while getting up and down the peaks in a reasonable time. Do you simply carry pen + paper and keep stopping to write it down?

    Regarding Sukai, a MTB is definitely the way to go. I would much rather a bike than car.
    Yes, it’s 20km of unsealed road, with a couple of signposted kilometers through the village from the main road to the start of the unsealed section. I guess you will be able to ride the whole way. It’s not steep, and the surface is mostly reasonably good dirt rather than rocks.

    Altitude gain is 790 (at turn off to the right onto the dirt) to 1350m. Perhaps a couple of hours? If you use Kashmir, the road is clearly marked.

    On your site, I could not find Uonuma (Echigo komagadake). One of your 13 remaining, perhaps? I was hoping to go there + Makihata etc. next weekend. Do you think there will still be lots of snow at the end of May? And on Tanigawa, have you been up NishiKuroOne from Doai? Dangerous at this time of year?

    Thanks for any tips,

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