3 comments on “Makihata + Naeba – Miserable carparks, miserable mountains

  1. sounds like an adventure! yeah, the high point of Makihata is a further 5 minutes along the path, but it’s not even marked. I’m sure you’d have a different opinion of the peak in fine weather. It’s a shame the Nubiki course was closed. It’s a exhilarating climb alongside a rocky stream, up and over waterfalls, and through a long snow field.

    I also climbed Naeba in a miserable rain storm, and have vowed to get revenge on that peak someday. Did you start at Wada hut?

  2. Doesn’t the weather make all the difference?

    When I got back, the first thing I did was check your website for Makihata, and dang! There you had it in black and white – another 5 minutes further on. I’ll do my homework from your route descriptions from now on.

    Yes, I did Naeba from the Wada-goya side, driving up to the ski-field car park then walking up to the hut. I collected a total of 850 yen in dropped coins that had appeared under the melted snow!

  3. I did the same thing when climbing Goryu, but only ended up with 200 yen in dropped coins. I think ski fields are a hidden gold mine – wish I had a metal detector and more free time….

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