3 comments on “Iide + Asahi – Big Ticks

  1. Congrats on conquering 2 grand peaks. It looks like you approached Iide from 大日杉小屋? It seems that this approach isn’t well maintained or is just plain buried in the snow this time of year?

    Looks like I’ll be heading to Iide on July 21, 22, and 23, but approaching from 川入. Was there water at 切合小屋? My map says it’s only available at certain times of year. Are crampons really necessary?

    How did you like Asahi Kosen? A pretty nice hut, eh?

  2. Thanks, Wesu, but in retrospect it was too much in one day and I was too tired to enjoy Asahi in the afternoon.

    Yes, I started from 大日杉小屋, because it meant a shorter drive to pick up Keisuke on the way to Asahi. The hut has been rebuilt and is very nice indeed. Sudomari, it costs just 1,500. I had to stay in the car because of the dog…

    The route itself is easy and well-maintained. I got lost where the track was buried under a snowfield and I could not see where the track emerged on the other side of the snow. Coming back down, it was blindingly obvious!

    There are snow patches for a few hundred meters on either side of 切合小屋, where there was certainly plenty of water that won’t be running out any time soon. Going toward the summit from 切合小屋, there is perhaps 500 meters of snow. You certainly don’t need crampons. It’s not steep enough for you to slide even if you slipped, and no nasty dropoff. In the early morning while the snow was at its slipperiest, I felt no risk in running down it in running shoes.

    If you’re going from 川入, you won’t walk where I got lost, but I guess there could be some snow bank I didn’t see before the paths merge just below the hut.

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