5 comments on “Tekaridake + Hijiridake

  1. It was a previous comment about the risks of insufficient fluid intake that pressured me to resort to underpants – that, and Twight’s account of suffering badly for a couple of days after not melting enough snow on one trip.

  2. wow, i’ve drunk filtered rain water, but never dew from my underpants! At least now I have an idea of what to do with that small onsen towel I always bring on hikes but never seem to use! I wonder if the Yamabushi of yesteryear ever resorted to this technique straight out of Macgyver (an obscure reference to an old American TV show – this guy could do and make anything!)

  3. Wow – quite a story that. That will stay with me better than any Ray Mears book…

    I almost find myself wanting to carry a bandanna. Even if they are your own pants… they are still, pants. 🙂

  4. For the record, freshly-squeezed underpants is not my drink of choice. A bandanna is a better idea; your drink would then be ready-salted.

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