After two long days, I could not face a third 18-hour maptime day to Kitadake and Hirogawara, and I made silent excuses that perhaps the dog would struggle with the distance and the heat. I set off at 2:30 am under a shockingly bright moon, reached the summit of Shiomidake in time to enjoy the dawn roll out across the clouds beneath, then descended lazily to civilization. Ainodake and Kitadake will be enjoyable later in the year on a fresh pair of legs.

2 thoughts on “Shiomidake

  1. congrats on almost completing the Minami Alps trek in a weekend! Mt. Shiomi is usually the make or break point in the full traverse, and you were probably wise to head down when you did. From the photos, it looks like you had near perfect weather (I’m sure the cloud probably rolled in late morning, right?)

    What’s next on your agenda? A stab at the Kita Alps?

  2. Yes, the weather was perfect, with clouds boiling up in the afternoon.

    Next on the list is Hokkaido. N. Alps will have to wait till last.

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