The GPS that I had lost near Hijiridake a week ago has been returned to me! The track log shows that I lost it on the climb up Hijiridake, and whoever found it then carried it with them up to the top, then descended back to Hijiridaira hut.

After I called the tourist association office whose number is listed for several of the huts in this area, they confirmed that the GPS had been handed in to the hut, and one of the hut staff duly carried it down the mountain a couple of days later, and sent it by takkyubin to me. What a wonderful country!

Today, I had intended to deal with the unfinished business of Kitadake and Ainodake, but with the forecast for thunderstorms, I headed off for an early piston up Jonen. Perfect blue skies and an iPod made for a fast, thoroughly enjoyable run. I returned home just in time before a terrific lightning storm shattered the sky and cut the power. I watched the lightning striking for a good hour around Kitadake – lucky I was not on that exposed ridge.

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