4 comments on “Rausudake + Meakandake

  1. Did you run into any other foreigners at Mt. Rausu? I swear over half of the hikers I met on the day I climbed were not Japanese! I even ran into a group of people from India who were hiking in jeans and sneakers!

    It looks like the weather on Meakan was good as well. Did you do the loop down to Oneto lake or just a quick piston?

  2. Any ideas why there were so many foreigners there? All part of a tour group to hike the World Heritage Site, perhaps?

    Meakan was so hot (and in the afternoon) that the dog must have been wishing for bad weather again! Yes, we did just the quickest piston, not via the nicer Oneto loop. I look forward to reading and comparing your reports soon!

  3. Did you meet Goro the golden labrador from the Hostel near the start of the climb ? I met her half way up. She followed me to the top, and all the way back to Oneto Lake ! Shared my sandwiches and water with her. Apparently, she regularly goes up Meakan Dake.

  4. I did not see either the YH or a dog, but it must have been good for you to have company on the climb. Wonder how many times Goro has been up Meakan in total. The rocks are quite sharp for a large dog’s paws.

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