6 comments on “Myoko + Hiuchi – A rare encounter

  1. yeah, I’m kind of jealous because I’ve never seen one either. The ones on Honshu are relatively harmless, yet garner such a notorious reputation because they come down into villages in the Autumn and pillage the farmers crops.

  2. I used to think that I wanted to meet one, until up in Shiretoko, where a higuma circled my tent for about 90 minutes one long, long night.
    Too scared to get up to pee, I ruined a perfectly good water bottle.

    Careful what you wish for…

  3. Higumas are no joke, especially those in Shiretoko. Were you camping at the Rausu col, where there is a bear-proof food locker? A local told me that earlier this year, a higuma pawed the tent of two sisters who camped there. Perhaps they ruined their water bottles too.

  4. A condensed version of the story can be found in the second half of this post:


    That day is in general was no laugh. I’d already gotten turned around on the peak by fog, only to be led down by Brocken. Waltzing with Brother Bear was the last thing i wanted to do on that exhausting day. Ironically, the last thing my girlfriend said to be when I set out was, “Don’t Die.”
    “Gee, OK honey…”

    (Really enjoying your stories, by the way.)

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