3 comments on “Takatsuma + Kusatsushirane + Azumaya

  1. Looks like you had great weather on Azumaya – I guess it makes up for the torrential downpours at Takazuma.

    Kusatsu is a bit of circus, eh? I think most people use the ski lift to go up nowadays. I have no reason why you’d need a ski lift to take you up 100 vertical meters! Did you check out the volcanic lake near the parking lot? That’s the most beautiful part of the entire mountain – imagine if they didn’t have the fence there to keep people out!

  2. I used to live within sight of the peak of Azumaya (Suzaka city), and summitted it twice, both times from the Azumaya Kogen Hotel. Neko-dake, next to it, is one of the Hanameizan Hyakusen (plus 200 Meizan, I think), and I’m sure that would be an interesting route as well.
    When I went to Kusatsu-Shirane for my Hyakumeizan pin, I hiked from the parking lot south (opposite from the lake-filled crater) to Hon-Shiranezan. I’m not sure which is the correct summit, but there are certainly less people to bother with on that side of the road.

  3. Bob – lucky you to have lived in such a beautiful location. Upon reaching those gentle blueberry-filled slopes around the summit, I made a mental note of the date for returning to pick at leisure another year.

    Wes – yes, that lift! And perhaps worse is the shuttle bus that “saves” lazy people from a beautiful 2 km walk to get to the lift.

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