4 comments on “Yarigadake

  1. Congratulations on making it up to Yari! Tackling the summit at night is quite an achievement, but if you can do that then Tsurugi shouldn’t be a problem. Did you start from Shin-kamikochi? I just wondered, as you mentioned a car, and Kamikochi proper is closed to private traffic (why do they call it Mai-Kaa seido when you can’t use your car?).

    I find myself climbing more at night recently (in no small part thanks to your and Hana’s fine example). If I head out on a Friday evening after work, it’s nice to put a few hours under my belt and get at least partway up the mountain before turning in.

    I’m planning to do that this weekend too, starting out from Shin-kamikochi and going up to Kurobe-Goro-dake and some of the other peaks around there. Fingers crossed the weather holds!

  2. Chris and Wes,

    Thanks for the amazingly fast responses. I still haven’t worked out how to be informed automatically of updates to your sites! Many of your pagehits from repeat visitors are probably me.

    I went from Shin-Hodaka because a) I could drive there at night and b) the route is 30km return, rather than 44km from Kamikochi. (If you look under “LOG” at http://www.hanameizan.com, you can see the GPS track, which embarrassingly shows my detour up a sawa around the halfway point …)

    It looks like all three of us will be in the N. Alps this weekend. Isn’t it nice to get started on a Friday evening? And it means you get the chance of photographing an additional sunrise.

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