5 thoughts on “Kashimayarigadake

  1. wonderful photo of Hana with the peak I’ll be climbing this weekend in the background! I hope we’ll both have weather just like this in the days to come!

  2. Wesu, you’re right. That’s Tsurugi in the background. And I intended to surprise you by meeting you on the Tsurugi west trail today, but I’m stuck back at home for reasons I’ll write about.

    Likewise Chris, I was hoping to bump into you around Washiba, but it was not to be. You must have frozen your toes off bivvying atop Kashima in November. You’re verging on institutionally mad! I guess the route was heavily snowed under by then?

    I had planned to go via the shortest Akaiwa-One route from the east, but was seduced at the last minute by a “nadaraka” description of the regular 柏原新道 from the south, which turned out to be runnable all the way down.

  3. I’m encouraged to hear there was no snow there in mid-October. If the snow holds off till then, maybe I’ll be able to finish this year after all. Ironically, the snow would be so much kinder on the dog’s feet!

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