5 comments on “Fame. What is it good for?

  1. I think you were very wise to steer clear of the media for now. Fame – for surely Hana and her master deserve their share – might be better sought by writing a book based on your amusing and informative blog. Then you and not some perfidious production company would control the message. Actually, there is good precedent for such a book – Robert Louis Stephenson’s Travels with a Donkey. You should get yourself a copy: might set you thinking along literary lines…:)


  2. Wise decision, Julian, for all the reasons you stated. But I agree with Captain Interesting; it would make a great and I think popular book.

  3. Thanks very much for the encouraging words, Captain and butuki. Certainly, putting the story in print would allow me to give a balanced account. But given how much I struggle with writing even a simple blog, it would be easier to go and do the hyakumeizan again than attempt to write a book.

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