Asama revisited

With the local cycling/running team converging on Akadake this weekend, I needed to finish off No. 98 and 99.

Asama was so very different this morning compared with April, when I had turned back due to the driving ice particles that were causing the dog to run madly in circles. And not only was the weather different – there had been no sign barring the way in April.

The night was perfectly clear, and dawn stole up on us as we broke through the tree line and climbed up the cinder cone.

I had hoped to climb to the true summit, although it is officially off-limits due to sulfurous gases still belching from the crater. But the wind was against, puffs of poison rose up against the blue sky, and the path to the summit was enveloped in gas. So we headed for the official substitute, Maekake, where someone has kindly erected a summit post marked “Asama”, to satisfy the peak-hunters.

2 thoughts on “Asama revisited

  1. wow, I’m surprised to see that the trail was closed. Perhaps Asama is getting ready to blow its nose again. Or maybe someone ventured too close to the crater rim.

    anyway, congrats on taking advantage of the outstanding weather. good luck on Shirouma tonight

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