7 comments on “The book – Hana Hikes the Hyakumeizan

  1. Screeech, I have never considered an exhibition or book signing. I decided to self-publish the book to look back on when Hana has gone and I’m in my rocking chair. Trying to sell it would never make a profit.

  2. Hi Julian, Glad to see you went ahead and published this after all. I wonder if you’d be interested my reviewing this for Kyoto Journal, where I am a contributing editor. Please let’s discuss this via email.




  3. Hi Julian. It’s me, Peter, again. I came here to get your URL for my blog (tsubakuro.wordpress) to add as a link. I am still interested in your book and if I can get a copy from you for 6,000 instead of 7,000 I sure would like that. I still don’t have the spare change just yet but give me a month or two. I think it would be cool to hook up with you and Chris sometime for a beer and a chat. I don’t know where Wes is but if he’s in town he would make a great addition to the table.

    Actually, I have an idea I want to pitch to a couple of periodicals to see if there are any takers. I have already asked Chris about it. I’d like to ask you too. If you’d like to find out what I am up to or talk about how I could get a copy of your book then drop me a few words at peterskov.photo(@)gmail.com. (I added the parenthesis to fool any address snatchers in case that is a problem – I don’t know if it helps).

  4. お久しぶりです。悠遊でお世話になりました大須賀です。

  5. こんばんは。




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