4 comments on “Omine + Odaigahara + Ibuki

  1. I read somewhere that Omine and Odaigahara get the most rainfall of anywhere in Japan (or the most number or days, anyway). Certainly seems that way. I recognized that photo immediately – not the exact location, but the mist, the drizzle and the buna looked very familiar..

    I tried Ibuki at New Year, but I was with my wife and she was less sanguine about the avalanche risk than I was.. I’d like to give it another go this winter.

    Your right about dogs not being allowed on the Shinkansen (although the various squeaks and squeals from below seats I’ve heard suggests people don’t pay much attention).

  2. On Ibuki at New Year, were you going from the bottom? I imagine the road is closed during winter.

    Re. dogs, I had only looked at JR’s summary English site, which was not clear. I didn’t really want to know the answer in black and white … So, I will now look guilty when trying to get on another shinkansen this weekend. Just don’t tell my wife!

  3. Yup, I was going from the bottom of Ibuki. However the cable car (for the small ski run there) seemed to be open, and although we didn’t make it that far it seems like this might be one way to cut out some of the legwork..

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