5 comments on “Poroshiri

  1. Looks like you had fine weather on this amazing peak. Thanks for all of your advice – I counted 25 crossings on the way up, and 23 on the way back (I never was good at math!)

    By the way, did you run into 2 Americans and an Aussie when climbing Poroshiri? I ran into the same group on Mt. Rausu and they were talking about an energetic Brit with a cute dog – I immediately thought of you!

  2. Yes, I did meet a very sociable Australian guy with two American females on Poroshiri, surely the same group. He’s teaching in Obihiro, and is taking two weeks vacation before the girls return to the States. He’s one of only a handful of foreigners I have met in the mountains this year.

  3. Hi Julian…AND Wes! I’m the Australian guy you both encountered. I’m actually teaching NEAR Obihiro, in a small town called Shihoro. Only one of the American women (with her husband who was also climbing Poroshiri that day…HE counted 25 river crossings too, I believe) was returning to America. So that American couple and I are the three people who met Wes at the Rausu Daira campsite. We were all so lucky with weather! Summer in Hokkaido has been all rain and low cloud, and pretty much the only sunny days were during our Poroshiri and Shiretoko ascents. It’s turned all cold and wet again now. I was delighted to meet you both, and quite inspired by what you’re both doing with the Hyakumeizan. Please feel free to email me at (my town)guy(at)yahoo(dot)com(dot)au (all lower case, no spaces or parentheses).

  4. It’s good to hear from you, Greg. What a coincidence of Wes and I meeting you on separate mountains.

    Seems like Wes amd yourself had good weather. Having suffered rain on all three peaks of the Daisetsuzan range, I’m determined to do the full traverse in fine weather in the future.

    If you ever come to central Honshu for hiking (perhaps when you start doing the hyakumeizan?), please get in touch!

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