3 comments on “Echigokomagadake + Hiragadake – Burnout

  1. At your current pace I calculate you and Hana will beat his 1,200 peaks in a little under eight years!

    I, on the other hand, will raise a glass to my 1,200th peak some time on or around my 153rd birthday. So that’s something to look forward to 🙂

  2. I’ve been warned about Hira-ga-take before, and it’s still on my list of peaks to climb. Which approach did you take? The one from route 352 or the shorter route on the long forest road? I’m assuming the forest road is still buried under snow. The 352 course is a whopping 22km return and it must have felt like much longer!

    How much snow was left on Echigo?

  3. Chris,

    I have absolutely no inclination to attempt more than the standard 100. I’ll be delighted if I get up them all this year, and will then think about what to do next year! Hana too will have had enough by then. But I’ll be most sorry if you stop your blog and photos when you’ve done the 100.


    Yes, I did the 22km route for Hiragadake, and you’re right, I had had more than enough by the end of it. I looked at that gated forest route on the map, and would like to try it with a mountain bike next time. Last month at Hakusan (aborted), I met a hard-core skiier, who was preparing to mountain-bike up from the gate to Bettoudai, with skiis strapped to a rucksack. He said it was his 18th time!

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