7 comments on “Kurobegoro – agony afoot

  1. Ach, we just missed each other. I was on Washiba and Suisho on Saturday, and Kurobe on Sunday morning. You didn’t miss much on Saturday though – it was just south of bloody miserable up there. Still, plenty more mountains to cover, no doubt we’ll bump into each other on at least one of them next year. I’ll probably pootle around in the snow on a couple of them in the meantime.. Hope Hana is feeling better!

  2. I didn’t know which order you would be doing them in, which is partly why I wanted to do the loop to be sure of catching you somewhere along the way on Saturday. As I turned around and walked back to the campsite in the rain, I looked back at the clouds gathering over the Suisho/Washiba ridge and assumed the weather would not be stopping you!

  3. sorry to hear Hana is on the disabled list 😦
    Sounds like you’ve left ten of the toughest for last. “Only ten more” probably doesn’t apply.
    How did Hana do with the pumice on Asama? The snow up there won’t be deep until November, I imagine. Hope you both get better soon!

  4. Yes, unfortunately half of those ten will take a fair effort just to get to! When we failed to get up Asama in April due to driving ice particles, there was so much snow we never saw the pumice. I didn’t know it was there, so I’ll make sure to take a roll of cloth tape for her feet, and maybe the dog rucksack just in case. Thanks for the advice.

  5. yikes! I didn’t realize Hana was in such bad shape! I hope she’s doing a little better after some well-deserved rest. A typhoon is heading this way, so maybe the time off is appropriate.

    I wouldn’t totally throw in the towel this year, but maybe try to slow down the pace a little. It’s a shame you couldn’t have done all of the difficult peaks earlier, and saved 10 easy ones for the end!

    The first snow varies year by year, but considering Mt. Fuji received its first snowfall on August 9th, it might be an omen for an early winter….

  6. Very sorry to read that Hana’s campaign is over for this year – especially as she made it up Fuji, which is supposed to be the most challenging “Meizan” for four-legged friends. Well, there will be more Meizan to look forward to next year, unless you can teach Hana to ski… Please convey “o-daiji-ni” to her! By the way, am tentatively planning a trip to Tokyo in December. If so, hope to catch up then – and perhaps even steal a Meizan or two, if any can be done without skis ….

  7. Down but not out! I’m still hoping to have a stab at the remaining ten in the next month. It would certainly be easier without six of them being in the N. Alps.

    Fuji was surprisingly one of the easiest for the dog. (Wes, was the first snow really on August 9?!) The path is so well trodden that the lava rocks are quite smooth. In contrast, certain types of rock in the N. Alps seem to break up each winter under weathering action, exposing very sharp fresh surfaces. That’s what has damaged her feet (and soft running shoes). I’ve been practising taping them up. She’ll be ready soon.

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