2 comments on “Yoteizan (Shiribeshi)

  1. That’s very bad form on Nissan Rentacar’s part. I don’t see anything in their policy regarding animal transportation. Maybe a strongly worded letter is in order?

    Glad you stayed safe on the hills though, looks like you knocked off a good few summits. I look forward to reading the reports!

  2. Yes, particularly in view of the amount I have spent on renting from them this year. But the branch manager was adamant, produced a fine-print document, and rebuked all the other branches that had lent us our favourite Honda Fit (just long enough to sleep in, small enough for mountain roads) for not following the rules. It was tempting to walk away to one of the other adjacent rental companies! The upside was that we stayed in hotels rather than the car when it rained.

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