4 comments on “Rishiridake

  1. wow, sorry you had such unlucky weather in Hokkaido. How’d you like that steep ascent through red volcanic rock just before the summit?

  2. That red rock on the last few hundred meters was quite a surprise, unlike the rest of the rock on the mountain.

    You seem to be extraordinarily blessed with good weather!

  3. PS – And it was such a pity that we missed meeting up on Rishiri by less than 24 hours. I guess you camped at the bottom where the park hut is. Did you see the sign saying that they will charge you the camping fee even if you choose to sleep in your car in the free carpark?!

  4. Yeah, I camped at the start of the Oshidomari track, but I didn’t see the sign in the carpark. The camping fee was something like 300 yen anyway, but it seems a bit overboard to charge people to sleep in their car. If they want to make it fair they should charge a “parking fee”.

    Did you notice that they were widening and expanding the road to the trailhead? I noticed this at Shari as well. Hmmm…looks like they’re getting ready for even more hikers in the future. Too bad, because all of the trails in Hokkaido are suffering from a bad case of overuse.

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