4 comments on “Hiuchi + Aizukomagadake

  1. Yeah, I think Aizu-koma probably has more snow than Hiuchi this year. There was still 2 meters when I climbed during Golden Week!

    How was the final climb to the high point of Hiuchi? Was most of the snow gone, or did you have to kick-step to make it up there?

  2. Wesu, I immediately thought of you when I reached the first peak and looked across to the true peak. One month ago, I would have been distinctly uncomfortable! I took this photo for you as I thought you might be interested to see the difference.

  3. wow, what a difference! i think you were literally following in my footsteps because that’s the exact route we took up to the summit. No switchbacks, just straight up. the picture doesn’t do it justice, because it’s a lot steeper in person. it’s also difficult to tell the scale without people in the picture. i’m glad the cloud wasn’t in when you did it and that you made it back safely.

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