3 comments on “Hayachine + Iwate

  1. how’d you like that final climb to the crater of Iwate from the emergency hut? It looks like such a short distance but takes forever with all that loose scree, eh? Sorry the weather was less that perfect once again. I was blessed with usually amazing weather when I climbed Iwate, but had cloud and mist on top of Hayachine. I’ve often wondered about the religious artifacts, but I guess it’s much better than microwave & mobile phone antenna.

  2. That loose scree really did slow down the pace, and the dog struggled because her legs sank deep into the stuff. Iwaki was much easier, if steep and rocky. The dog only needs carrying up iron-rung ladders or very steep chained sections, otherwise she manages to skittle up somehow, or find her own detour.

    I’ve been rather envious of your descriptions and many pictures of sunny weather and wonderful views from summits. I’ll pass up on another drenching this weekend!

  3. i’ve had a pretty good track record overall. Out of the 88 Hyakumeizan I climbed, only 30 were in bad weather, which means I had good weather 66% of the time. Sometimes it was just a matter of fog & mist on the summit, but other times it was in typhoons, blizzards, and torrential downpours. Plus, out of all of the peaks in Tohoku, I had rain only once, and the rest of the mountains the weather was phenomenal.

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